It’s time.

2305-Center Events Week Poster (small).jpgIt’s time.

It’s time to correct institutionalized social and intellectual double standards.

It’s time to stand up for healthy relationships.

It’s time to consider the social importance of stable marriages and families.

It’s time to respect students of all religious backgrounds.

It’s time to create a safe space for discussions about and lifestyles of sexual integrity.

It’s time to support those many students – currently abstinent, committed to chastity, or unsure where to turn in this time of social and sexual turmoil – who are alienated by the hook-up culture.

In short, it’s time for students and administrators to take a stand FOR all students and AGAINST the hook-up culture.

Join the Anscombe Society for a week of diverse and important events dedicated to showing the Princeton University community that yes, indeed, it is time for a University-sponsored Center for Abstinence and Chastity.

Please find the full schedule after the jump.

Monday, October 12
“An Introduction to the Center: A Conversation with Faculty and Students”
Prof. Robert George and Prof. John Londregan
Robertson 002, 7:30pm

Tuesday, October 13
“The Hook-up Culture: Medical Perspectives”
Dr. Miriam Grossman, Dr. Jennifer Shuford, and Dr. Ruth Jacobs
Guyot 10, 4:30pm

Wednesday, October 14
“Wedded Bliss: What Makes for Martial Success in Contemporary America”
Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox, University of Virginia
Dodds Auditorium, 8:00pm

Thursday, October 15
“Chastity as a Public Good: Religious Perspectives”
Imam Sohaib Sultan, Fr. Martin Miller, Rev. William Boyce ’79, and Rabbi Eitan Webb
Guyot 10, 4:30pm

Friday, October 16
“Creating a Safe Haven for Sexual Integrity”
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, President and Founder, Ruth Institute
Guyot 10, 4:30 pm

You can find out more about all of these events on our Facebook page, which you can access via the badge at right.