Links: Gender and Sex Differences

Boys’ and Girls’ Brains are Different

by James R Booth and Tali Bitan, Science Direct

Research shows conclusively for the first time that there is a biological basis for gender differences in learning, particularly in language acquisition.

Reconcilable Differences: What Social Sciences Show About the Complementarity of the Sexes & Parenting

by W. Bradford Wilcox

Wilcox claims that social science shows that each sex has different strong points when it comes to parenting, and each should be allowed to fulfill the role in which they excel. Mothers are more adept at breast-feeding, understanding, and nurturing/comforting their children. Fathers are better at disciplining and playing with their children, as well as equipping them to face life’s challenges and opportunities. Research has shown that the structure of families and the roles played by parents do produce measurable results in children’s lives.