The Anscombe Society recognizes that there are inherent physical, behavioral, emotional, and psychological differences between men and women, and we affirm and celebrate these differences as wonderful and complementary. These differences do not evidence the superiority of one sex over the other, but rather serve to show that each sex is complemented and made stronger by the presence of the other. We believe, therefore, that it is in the best interest of the individual and the community to affirm the qualities of masculinity and femininity, rather than deny them, and that children be raised with an understanding and appreciation of the equality and differences between the sexes.

The Anscombe Society supports true feminism. True feminism does not embrace the idea that women should become more like men or that they abandon feminine characteristics and instincts. Nor does true feminism assert that women are superior to men. Instead, true feminism recognizes the natural characteristics, strengths, and abilities of women and seeks to affirm them in this identity. As such, women should be guaranteed equal rights and freedoms in the community as well as career opportunities that can coexist with motherhood and the unique responsibilities it entails. In contemporary society, motherhood is sometimes seen as a burden, and being a stay-at-home parent maligned as a second-class responsibility. On the contrary, we assert that motherhood is of the utmost importance– a vocation to be honored and respected. We do not assert that every woman is called to be a mother, just as not every man is called to be a father. Nor do we propose that every mother must stay at home full-time. We simply recognize what science and humanity demonstrate, namely that mothers and their children share a special bond and we do not believe women should have to sacrifice or deny this bond in order to be seen as equal participants in society.