Sex, Sadness and the City

by Wendy Shalit, City Journal

This article describes how the popular TV show provides insight into people seeking meaning amidst numerous hookups. Shalit uses anecdotes and quotes from the show to expose the loneliness of the four women on the show. She describes how their own actions and willingness to partake in the hook-up culture are responsible for their feelings of isolation and loneliness.

The Campus Rape Myth

by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal

This article explores the common claim that about 1 in 4 women are the victims of rape or attempted rape while at college. Mac Donald dismantles the statistic while simultaneously showing that university officials’ response to the claim would not be sufficient or appropriate even if the statistic were accurate. Mac Donald blames this rape culture on “a booze-fueled hook-up culture of one-night, or sometimes just partial-night, stands” and urges those seeking a solution to the rape culture to practice and advocate sexual restraint.