Proposing Courtship

by Amy and Leon Kass, First Things

A discussion of how gender neutrality in contemporary society has led to a loss of manhood and womanhood, which in turn led to a lack of appreciation for romance and courtship. The Kasses suggest that modern literature has desensitized us to this sort of interaction, and they provide an example from Erasmus’ Colloquy to explain the importance of courtship and a view towards marriage.

Where is the Love? Students Eschew Campus Romance

by Sue Shellenbarger, Wall Street Journal

College romances are becoming a thing of the past, according to Shellenbarger, who says they have been replaced by office romances. People are marrying later, and choose to not have serious relationships in college. This article is mainly focused on observing and commenting on the trend, rather than making an argument.

Romance in the Information Age

by Christine Rosen

In the modern era, people are treated as products, and technology leads us to seek efficiency, even in personal relationships. Rosen argues that we must be patient and allow romance to develop slowly.

The Superglue Touch”, an excerpt from “The Magic Touch: A Jewish Approach to Relationships

by Gila Manolson

Provides an outline of the Jewish idea of shomer negiah (allowing no physical contact between a couple until marriage) and emphasizes the extraordinary power of physical touch in relationships. Encourages sensitivity in our physical interactions.