About The Anscombe Society

The Anscombe Society is a student organization at Princeton University dedicated to affirming the importance of the family, marriage, and a proper understanding for the role of sex and sexuality. We aim to promote an environment that values the crucial role the intact, stable family plays in sustaining society; the definition of marriage as the…

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Upcoming Events

9/10 – Freshman Reception (1-3 PM) Frist Class of 1952 Room 9/14 – Activities Fair (12-3 PM) Dillon Gym 9/21 – Meeting: Welcome! (4:30-6) 9/28 – Chasti-Tea social 10/5 – Meeting: Intro/Ch.1 10/10 – “Sex Matters” Talk w/ Mona Charen (4:30-5:50) Dinner talk afterward 10/12 – Meeting: Ch. 2 10/19 – Dinner Talk – Eric Gregory MIDTERMS 10/26…

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