Middle School Girls Gone Wild

by Lawrence Donnes, The New York Times

This article describes the hypersexualization of young girls, especially those of middle school age. Donnes examines this phenomenon through the lens of talent show performances with girls strutting in tight skirts and dancing provocatively.

When Young Doctors Strut Too Much of Their Stuff

by Erin Marcus, The New York Times

Marcus describes a lack of patient confidence in doctors who wear revealing clothing in the office. This demonstrates the impact that our dress has on the way we are perceived.

You Are What You Wear

by Gila Manolson, Outside, Inside

This is an article detailing the reason for Jewish advocacy of tzniut (modesty). Manolson discusses the importance of presenting the human self as more than just a physical entity, and describes the relationship of this view to questions of modest attire.

Modesty: An Overview

This article provides a brief outline of what the standards of modesty are according to Islam, while supplying verses from the Koran outlining and supporting these rules of dress and behavior.