Links: Modesty

Middle School Girls Gone Wild

by Lawrence Donnes, The New York Times

This article describes the hypersexualization of young girls, especially those of middle school age. Donnes examines this phenomenon through the lens of talent show performances with girls strutting in tight skirts and dancing provocatively.

What’s In A Kiss

by Cassandra Debenedetto

An article that advocates keeping passionate kisses within the realm of marriage, in response to the “how far is too far” question. Debenedetto argues that passionate kissing leads to a couple’s arousal, and this puts the couple in the very difficult position of having to decline sex even though the body is preparing for it. A great piece that suggests we take all of our physical signs of affection seriously.

When Young Doctors Strut Too Much of Their Stuff

by Erin Marcus, The New York Times

Marcus describes a lack of patient confidence in doctors who wear revealing clothing in the office. This demonstrates the impact that our dress has on the way we are perceived.

You Are What You Wear

by Gila Manolson, Outside, Inside

This is an article detailing the reason for Jewish advocacy of tzniut (modesty). Manolson discusses the importance of presenting the human self as more than just a physical entity, and describes the relationship of this view to questions of modest attire.

Beneath the Surface: A Deeper Look at Modesty

by Dina Coopersmith

Coopersmith discusses the Torah and a Jewish theological perspective on modesty. She discusses the role of sin in issues of modesty, and offers a reason why women ought to take special interest in remaining modest.

Jewish Modesty, Humility, and Human Dignity

by Yigal Gross, Commentator

This is a discussion of the root of the Jewish doctrine of Tzni’ut and the principle at stake in such a law: humility. Gross also addresses common misconceptions regarding why one might seek to appear modest.

Modesty Revisited

by Wendy Shalit

Shalit describes the lack of modesty in today’s world and tells a personal anecdote about how she became involved in discussions of modesty. She recounts an example from the Torah that sheds light on the importance of modesty.

Tzeniut: A Universal Concept

by Dr. Norman Lamm

Lamm explores the three dimensions of the doctrine of tzeniut (modesty) through Jewish thought and Scriptures, in order to show that it is more than simply “that which can be measured by a ruler.” The dimensions include kedushah (holiness), kavod (dignity), and privacy. Together, these dimensions make tzeniut “much more than a mitzvah”–it is a statement about God.

Oh Stop Your Bragging

This is a Christian article about the implications of modesty in areas outside of attire. It defines modesty as a “quiet self-confidence” not dependent on what one does or does not wear.

Daughters under Fire

by Marcia Ford, Christianity Today

Ford presents ways to combat the oversexualization of young girls through modesty. She provides some specific solutions such as prayer and modeling godliness in order to curb the unfortunate effects of this widespread oversexualization on children. This article is geared towards the parents of adolescent children.

Do You Want To Be Sexy

by Dannah Gresh, Brio magazine

Gresh suggests that the word sexy is overused, and puts forth a Biblical view of the term. Sexiness, she argues, should be reserved for marriage, and not used to describe dogs or pasta, as it is in ads, TV shows, and magazines.

Men and Modesty

What is the role of modesty in areas where cultural norms are different from our own? What are men’s obligations as far as reactions to immodestly attired women? This article points out that men in areas with stricter standards of modesty than present-day North America will be much more sensitive to immodest dress as they see much less of it than American men. No matter what the location, however, the author stresses the importance of men taking responsibility for their eyes and thoughts.

Modesty Matters

Ensign Magazine

This article describes the importance of modesty within the Latter-Day Saints Church. This article includes dressing tips and testimonials from church members living out a modest lifestyle.

Modesty: God, My Heart, and Clothes” (pts 1-7)

by C.J. Mahaney

Mahaney writes about the importance of bringing godliness to all aspects of life, including closets. The importance of representing ourselves as Christian people, Mahaney writes, becomes manifest in our dress and clothing.

Modesty: An Overview

This article provides a brief outline of what the standards of modesty are according to Islam, while supplying verses from the Koran outlining and supporting these rules of dress and behavior.