Ask Anscombe Anything!

2200-Ask Anscombe Anything Poster (small).jpgAren’t we just a bunch of religious zealots?
What’s wrong with gay sex?
Do we take vows and wear chastity rings?
Isn’t chastity old-fashioned or just religious?
Do we think women should stay at home?
Why don’t we support same-sex marriage?
What’s wrong with hookups?
Why wait until marriage?

This is YOUR opportunity to ask ANY QUESTIONS of leaders of the Anscombe Society, Princeton’s most controversial student organization.

The event will be this Wednesday, September 30, at 7:30pm in Robertson 100 (Dodds Auditorium). 

Whether you are sympathetic or hostile to the ideas and ideals of Anscombe, this is a great opportunity to discover what the organization REALLY stands for and what the members are REALLY like.  If you like some of what you’ve heard about the Society but have concerns about other aspects, come ask about those things that give you pause.  If you find some of our positions reprehensible, then come and challenge us.  Find out exactly who holds these ideas you find so repulsive and why we hold them.  No matter what your reason for attending (perhaps just curiosity!), we hope to see you at this unique and exciting event!

You can find this event on Facebook by navigating through our fan page, which can be found by clicking the badge at right.