Valentine’s Day Poster Campaign


If you’re on campus, you may have noticed the retro-themed posters dotting the lampposts around Princeton. Each of the four poster designs sports a song lyric (The Beatles, Jay Sean, Queen, and Beyonce are all represented) that accompanies a vintage image of a couple in a romantic situation.

But why the retro-feel of the images? While the images have a retro air about them, they’re coupled with song lyrics that span different time periods and generations– drawing attention back to the shared values of love and romance that seem timeless, despite being embedded in a retro ad.

This year, Anscombe’s posters articulate a positive case for relationships- for courtship and commitment. While people may disagree with Anscombe’s particulars–that is, the specifics of how we think these relationships should play out–the posters this year articulate a point of agreement. Sexuality within a framework in which people get to know each other as people first and foremost is a good thing.