Anderson Talk A Success!


Tonight’s talk by Ryan Anderson was a great success! An astonishing 290 people piled into the largest and most elegant classroom on campus McCosh 50. Protesters came bearing signs, fanciful outfits, and their questions. Ryan’s talk encompassed three parts: why the revisionist definition of marriage fails, what marriage is, and why marriage and marriage policy matter. Ryan fielded questions by many protesters about social science on lesbian parenting, the analogy to interracial marriage, and the classic infertility objection. He even received a question about Plato’s views on pederasty! But he answered them all thoroughly and admirably. Thanks to Ryan for giving such a great talk! In the next few days, we’ll be posting more about what the audience thought of the talk, the particulars of Ryan’s arguments, and some more photos.


This picture gives you some sense of how many people packed into this room! We even had to open the balcony above.


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