Wrapping Up

Thanks to everyone who has helped out this past year and semester. Since January we’ve postered for Valentine’s Day, hosted
study breaks and two sessions of “Ask an Anscomber Anything”, and
enjoyed two Anscombe seminar series, with Dr. Matthew O’Brien and with
Professor Christopher Tollefsen. Thanks to GE, Monday Morning Links is
now back. (One of our next projects will be improving the blog in
earnest – if you’re interested in writing please email me: apollnow@princeton.edu).
We will not be holding regular club meetings for the
rest of the semester–the officers will meet to plan for next
year, and other than that we will meet as a club only if something comes
up. So there will be no meeting on Friday; however, two upcoming events which may be of interest:
TONIGHT (May 2): “Demographic Winter,” a film screening hosted by Princeton Pro-Life in the Frist West TV Lounge at 9pm.
1, 4:30pm – Pro-Life, Pro-Family Reception. Featuring free food and
sympathetic alumni, professors, students, and community members, this
event will be on the Friday of reunions in Butler 1915 room.
I hope you all finish up your semester victoriously. It has been a pleasure working with you this year.