Super Bowl Pepsi Commercial

Take a look at this commercial‘s take on the difference between male and female mindsets in a relationship (aired this Sunday). Fellow bloggers more at their leisure, feel free to write a more in-depth analysis of this if you like.

This incidentally reminded me of this priceless Super Bowl commercial from last year – somewhat different situation, but the man here seems to be thinking the same thing. Luckily her son’s onto him. 

One thought on “Super Bowl Pepsi Commercial

  1. It should be noted that Pepsi owns Doritos. With that out of the way, the Doritos ad is much classier than the PepsiMax. The PepsiMax ad goes for the cheap punchline by normalizing the libertine behavior shown by the guy. The Doritos ad goes about it in a more subtle way. Yes, the guy checks out the girl, but she’s dressed properly. More importantly, the boy makes it clear he doesn’t want the guy messing around with his mother.

    Are there jerks, I mean, guys out there like in the PepsiMax ad? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they should be shown in this manner, not unless you let the woman have the putdown line.

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