“Safe is Sexy”

In the last few days, I’ve been
seeing lots of signs (I’ve attached two of the ones that are posted) across
campus advertising a USG event that happened yesterday entitled
 “Safe is Sexy.”
 Aside from the strangeness of the
USG advertising this event to the entire campus and the mixed messages that
intertwine dating and sex (not to mention cookies and condoms), I’m surprised
that I haven’t heard much mention of the posters/event. It seems as though the
advertisements hypersexualize and almost trivialize important health information.
If the University thinks that STI prevention is really something to be taken
seriously, it seems strange to promote testing with pictures of semi-clad men
and women, free cookies, and offers of more condoms. Condoms, contrary to
popular conception, may reduce risks of contracting STIs (when used correctly),
but aren’t entirely effective at preventing STIs. 

One thought on ““Safe is Sexy”

  1. Shivani,

    It makes a lot of sense to have scantily clad men and women in the ads… they need to get the attention of everyone and everyone looks at posters and ads of scantily clad people… well alomost everyone… certainly the people they are trying to make an impact on.

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