Abstinence and Academic Excellence

In this recent post, the New York Times describes a CDC study which concluded that abstinence in high school is correlated to higher grades. A few fun facts from the study:
-only 32% of students with A averages have ever had sex
-if a student has a D average or worse, there is a 69% chance that he or she has had sex
-a student who averages a D or worse is 6 times more likely to have had sex before the age of 13 than a student with an A average
It’d depressing to imagine that my grades might be inflated, and that they would be even lower were I not abstinent. Therefore, I will interpret this study to say that choosing to abstain is symptomatic of intelligence.
In the interest of truth, however, I should admit that it probably runs the other way. (That is, abstaining is actually good for your academic performance.)