Welcome to Anscombe’s New Site!

Welcome to The Anscombe Society’s new site! We’ve redesigned it and added a host of new features. We will also be adding additional content so be sure to keep checking back!

Some of the key new features are:

  • Our new blog on which we will post articles of interest, event updates and reminders, and highlights of newly added content. Please comment on and discuss any and all posts!
  • An RSS feed so you can subscribe to our blog and receive convenient and immediate updates.
  • A blog archive where all our posts will be readily available.
  • Searchable entries with links to related posts so that all our posts, articles, and content are readily accessible.
  • A resources page, where you can find videos of our events, links to outside resources, and articles which members of Anscombe and its supporters have written.
  • An online calendar, where you can see our upcoming events.
  • Anscombe’s very own Twitter feed where you can get instant updates on events and shared links.
  • Links to our Facebook and YouTube profiles.
  • An alumni portal, so that we can stay in touch with our non-student supporters and past members.

Please take a look around and contact us if you would like more information about what we do, how you can get involved, if you would like to receive our weekly newsletter, or if you would like to help support the work we do to support family and marriage on Princeton’s campus and beyond.

Thanks for stopping by!