10-7 Meeting

This week we’ll be discussing the “Doctrinal Principles” section of the 1968 papal encyclical Humanae Vitae. This document is the go-to source for the case against contraception, and many of its predictions about a contraceptive culture’s consequences have been especially prophetic. The meeting will be at 6:30 in Rocky Dining Hall; all students are free to come and join us!

Also, register for the Love and Fidelity Network’s annual conference “Sexuality, Integrity and the University” here. It’ll be November 8-9 on Princeton’s campus, and Princeton students can attend for free!

Mark your calendars for October 17 when Ryan Anderson gives a packed-house lecture on same-sex marriage!

Please tell your friends about Ryan Anderson's upcoming talk where he defends the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman!
Please tell your friends about Ryan Anderson’s upcoming talk where he defends the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman!

Finally, I’d recommend checking out the Leadership Institute for students interested in learning more about activism and politics. They’re great folks!

Welcome, Class of 2017!

Welcome to Princeton, Class of 2017!

We’re glad that you’ve found the Anscombe Society’s blog. The Anscombe Society is committed to defending chastity through rational arguments, but we encourage people of every view to attend our events and meetings. Check here for upcoming events and email “Subscribe” to anscombesociety@gmail.com to receive our weekly email. Here’s a schedule of our upcoming events:

Open House–September 16, 9-10PM, in Campus Club’s Prospect Room, come and meet our officers and members and enjoy some dessert!

First Meeting–September 17, 6:30PM, in Rocky Dining Hall, our weekly discussion meetings will start up this week, check your emails for the discussion article!

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Reception–September 19, 5-6PM, in Mathey Common Room, our semiannual reception co-sponsored by Princeton Pro-Life will feature an address by Professor Robert P George.

Ryan Anderson’s Marriage and Civil Society Lecture, mid-October.

Also check out the Love and Fidelity Network’s annual conference this year on Princeton’s campus on November 8-9 entitled “Sexuality, Integrity, and the University”. Usually Princeton students have been able to attend the conference for free, but register here if you’re interested http://www.loveandfidelity.org/2013-national-conference/

Valentine’s Day Misobserved

Valentine’s Day is poorly kept by those who ignore it openly and by those who observe it privately. This past Thursday it came and went and there was no public ceremony accompanying it, which strikes me as strange. Most holidays involve families, religious communities, and countries, but contemporary Valentine’s Day is usually only celebrated by two individuals together, privately. It’s a private holiday, which runs against an essential feature of holidays- their public observance.

So I don’t blame singles who feel apathy towards the holiday. It’s become a holiday about private love among adults (its observance among schoolchildren is different). It’s not always secret love, but Valentine’s Day romances have more akin to Romeo and Juliet’s than Prince William and Kate Middleton’s. Many people think that the day is only about couples appreciating each other, and that any public ostentation is just a symbol to your lover of how proud you are of your relationship. So if Valentine’s Day is about private love, it excludes participation by the rest of the community. I want to make a case for a new observance of Valentine’s Day, which even singles should be excited about.

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