Links: Pornography

The Unnamed Hero

by Jill Locke

This is a short description of a man who struggled with pornography, but realized that his actions were wrong, and was able to overcome his reliance on this material. The man in question is now reaffirmed in his faith and shares his story with others.

Degrading Women

by Mary Beth Bonacci

This is an article exploring the harmful effects of pornography through dehumanization. The article addresses how many men spend too much time looking at images of other women, and become less interested in having sex with their wives.

A Culture Awash in Porn

by Rebecca Hagelin

This article criticizes the oversexualization of almost everything in culture. Reflecting on the personal testimony of teenagers, Hagelin provides evidence that high schoolers and even middle schoolers often see porn in their daily activities. She sees advocacy of abstinence as the best way to combat this problem.

Making Children Moral: Pornography, Parents, and the Public Interest

by Robert P George, Arizona State Law Journal

George provides an outstanding defense of reasons why a state might enact anti- pornography legislation in hopes of cultivating a strong moral fiber in communities. He argues that pornography is not protected speech under the 1st amendment, as many critics suggest. This is an excellent article that equips one to better engage arguments along the lines that the we should not legislate morality.